At RIFF we strive 24/7 for premium customer contact and to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, via any system and on any channel. Leave it to our elite team of 400+ highly educated digital natives. With an optimal mix of experienced specialists and fresh online talent, they use all their knowledge of the digital world and a keen eye for the human touch, to offer a solution every time. By not getting stuck in rigid processes and keeping it personal, they can truly help people and relieve clients. We don’t work with scripts but with flexible frames: this way the team can strike the right chord, time after time.

When every contact counts.

BE DIGITAL, STAY HUMAN Premium customer contact

We manage high-quality customer relationships decisively and purposefully, provide human necessities with an understanding of technical possibilities, and help optimize business relationships, processes and products with qualitative customer dialogue.
We are competent, capable and accurate. We are committed, understanding and helpful. Above all: we are approachable and human. No matter how complex it gets.

Tobias Walraven
Chief Executive Officer
Bert van der Schelde
Chief Financial Officer
Alphonso Cikot
Director Operations
Mathilde van den Berg
Director HR
Marco Damsma
Manager Customer Experience
Ludo Raedts
Business Development Manager
Gigi Rouwendal
New Business Consultant
Arjan Pieters
Business Development Consultant
Charlene de Feyter
Client Manager
Maud Aarts
Marketing Content Specialist
Conny Oosting
Client Manager