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Be Digital, Stay Human

At RIFF, we specialise in providing omnichannel customer service solutions tailored to the unique needs of airports. Our expertise encompasses both onsite and offsite services, aimed at ensuring seamless and efficient interactions with passengers and visitors.


Schiphol’s challenge

Every passenger has their own ritual and travel process/flow. For Schiphol Airport, the challenge lies in offering a seamless passenger management flow at scale, while making sure that the individual passenger receives a custom and human travel experience, tailored to their needs. Accessibility and quality are two core values for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Good, personal service is essential to achieve high customer satisfaction. An integrated customer contact service department is crucial for Schiphol to be able to analyse the passenger experience and obtain feedback to improve its processes.

one omnichannel solution

We manage all off-site contact channels for Schiphol airport, including phone, email, chat and social, but we also have 200+ employees working at the airport itself. For that, we have designed a special service for passengers who need assistance at the airport: the Mobile Personal Assistant (MPA). They offer multilingual support, from simple questions to urgent situations at the airport and in the airspace. Our MPAs are physically present, but they can also assist passengers via a video call. We do this via Self Service Units in specially designated information zones at the airport. They can also be deployed by our call center.

  • 4.5
    Customer satisfaction improved from 3.9 to 4.5/5
  • 5000 +
    People helped to catch their flights by offering mobile print
  • 2000
    Passenger interactions per day

Scaling up satisfaction

Offering a scalable solution to passenger service that fits all, presents a significant hurdle for every airport. Even the most well-prepared passengers, no matter how good the wayfinding, inevitably have questions upon reaching the airport. Schiphol once relied on staffed information desks in the terminal. However, this approach faced limitations – not operating around the clock and resulting in frustrating queues, particularly during peak hours. Simultaneously, information desk agents found themselves repeatedly addressing the same set of questions, hindering both their productivity and the overall passenger experience. 

Self Service Units (SSU)

Future-proof service

In their pursuit of seamless scalability, Schiphol reconsidered its approach, embracing innovation to align with the demands of its passengers and developed the Self-Service Unit, or SSU for short. A future-proof kiosk, combining hardware and software. The SSUs were strategically placed in the terminals to allow travelers to check flight information, find gates, discover restaurants, and explore other points of interest. Passengers can also browse frequently asked questions, filtering out repetitive questions the information desk agents used to handle. Additionally, these FAQs are now available in 17 different languages.


Video call

Together, we brought the true concept of ‘Be Digital, Stay Human’ to life, by integrating video call into the SSUs. Our team of experts stands ready to help with any questions passengers can’t resolve independently, ensuring our people add value when it’s needed the most. The impact speaks volumes: following the implementation of Self-Service Units at Schiphol, we’ve witnessed over 2 million sessions, linked to over 500 thousand flight searches. Our dedicated team has managed more than one hundred thousand video calls, ensuring passengers have access to the vital information they seek.

  • 2000000 +
    Self-Service Unit Sessions
  • 500000 +
    Flight searches
  • 100000 +
    Video calls

An integral approach

This forms an integral part of our tight-knit partnership with Schiphol, dating back to 2018, when we introduced a comprehensive omnichannel strategy for their customer service. We manage and oversee all external communication channels for Schiphol airport, including phone, email, chat, and social media. We also manage the full IT-service stack for the entire contact centre operation. This approach ensures consistent and personalised support across all touchpoints, enhancing overall satisfaction and loyalty among passengers. What sets our approach apart is the fusion of off-site and on-site services, with a dedicated workforce of over two hundred employees operating directly from the airport itself.

Mobile Personal Assistant (MPA)

real-time assistance

Our Mobile Personal Assistants, MPA’s for short, cater to passengers requiring real-time assistance at the airport. Dedicated professionals, providing multilingual support, addressing anything from basic inquiries to urgent situations both within the airport and in airspace and maintaining constant communication with the Dutch military police. 


a human-centric experience

Our team members are strategically positioned within the terminal to assist passengers in real-time. Additionally, they are the driving force behind the strategically placed self-service units equipped with video call capabilities, and they can be deployed by our call center, ensuring a truly omnichannel and human-centric experience for passengers. Our MPA’s also take care of the Airport’s announcement system and are in close contact with all major stakeholders and so are able to help passengers with a vast array of questions.

  • 5/ 5
    “The service was impeccable. From the agent who answered the call to Anita who came very fast to assist me with the printing.”
  • 5/ 5
    ''Thanks to the gentleman that made me cut passport control and helped me catch my connection!!!''
  • 5/ 5
    ''Super fast and efficient job from the person that came with a portable printer. Very happy happy with this service!!''

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