Our Client cases

We manage every challenging, complex and critical customer journey. It’s what we are trained for, and we have the experience and knowledge at hand. We can make a difference in all circumstances: in mobility, aviation, retail, healthcare & government. From Schiphol Airport and Philips to ANWB and McDonalds.

The cases below illustrate the different services RIFF offers. The combination of our knowledge, approach and mutual trust results in long-term partnerships, partnerships that lead to improved efficiency and customer relationship innovation.

In-house strategy, reputation management and media monitoring keeps ANWB on the road. Find out more about our innovative partnership.

Full services meeting customers’ needs to create loyalty to Schiphol. Jointly striving for the ultimate customer experience.

RIFF helps Signify to talk to customers 24/7 on social media. We answer diverse questions, give advice and help customers with making purchases.

In close partnership with The Social Pact, RIFF develops a tailor-made strategy, with a corresponding approach to organize corona communication to students in a smarter and more convincing way.

RIFF has supported Philips in delivering a consistent brand experience. Thanks to our collaboration, Philips’ service through social media has evolved from an emerging service to a fully-fledged component of their customer service within a few years.

McDonald’s and RIFF join forces to spread the Good Times digitally. RIFF’s 24/7 customer service and social media management ensures positive interactions. With humour and empathy, they are the voice of McDonald’s, resulting in a lasting experience of excellent service and happy guests.

Discover how RIFF helped a major international airline take its customer service to new heights. An inspiring success story that demonstrates how social media can be a powerful tool to engage a whole new generation of customers with the brand.

RIFF helped Volvo Cars Netherlands manage its social media and create a consistent brand experience online. Our team handled customer queries, strengthened the relationship with Volvo drivers and delivered a positive customer experience, helping to strengthen the brand image.

RIFF provided Action with a solution to the challenge of providing customer service outside of normal opening hours. With multilingual specialists, customers now enjoy an excellent experience, contributing to Action’s success and growth in Europe and e-commerce.

Through an empathetic social media engagement team, the brand offered not only expert nutritional advice, but also emotional support. Working with RIFF, Hill’s created a heart warming brand identity that resulted in positive customer experiences and increased brand awareness.

Our partnership with Nikon has resulted in the Dutch team being recognised as an example of community management and the content strategy being adjusted based on valuable feedback. Together we unlocked the future and harnessed the power of light.

Due to staff shortages in security and baggage handling and a wildcat strike by ground staff, many flights were cancelled, resulting in long queues stretching outside the airport in 2022. Many passengers missed their flights and filed complaints and compensation claims. 

Rituals, the symbol of luxury self-care, has taken a bold step into online sales via chat platforms. With the ambition of bringing the magical shopping experience to the digital world, Rituals teamed up with RIFF.