Our Client cases

We manage every challenging, complex and critical customer journey. It’s what we are trained for, and we have the experience and knowledge at hand. We can make a difference in all circumstances: in mobility, aviation, retail, healthcare & government. From Schiphol Airport and Philips to ANWB and McDonalds.

The cases below illustrate the different services RIFF offers. The combination of our knowledge, approach and mutual trust results in long-term partnerships, partnerships that lead to improved efficiency and customer relationship innovation.

In-house strategy, reputation management and media monitoring keeps ANWB on the road. Find out more about our innovative partnership.

Full services meeting customers’ needs to create loyalty to Schiphol. Jointly striving for the ultimate customer experience.

RIFF helps Signify to talk to customers 24/7 on social media. We answer diverse questions, give advice and help customers with making purchases.

In close partnership with The Social Pact, RIFF develops a tailor-made strategy, with a corresponding approach to organize corona communication to students in a smarter and more convincing way.