How social media took off


January 2018 - October 2023

Our client, a prestigious international airline, operates over 700 daily flights to 135 destinations. In 2014 our client’s strengths became apparent not only in the skies, but also in the digital sphere, particularly on social media platforms. While the Dutch company was known for its advanced use of social media, the real challenge was to embed social media at the core of its customer service operations, while unlocking the revenue potential of these platforms. The task was complex our client didn‘t just want to maintain its brand reputation, it wanted to rejuvenate its image and attract a whole new demographic of tech-savvy, digital native customers. 

The challenge

How can an airline build an influential social media presence? How can it ensure effective, timely, and personalized customer service on these platforms? And most importantly, how can it generate revenue from these interactions? These were the pressing questions that our client faced as it embarked on a journey to redefine its customer service strategy. 

Enter RIFF!

Our client engaged RIFF to help them achieve this ambitious mission. RIFF was tasked with creating a customer-centric social media operation, expanding our client’s online presence and establishing meaningful interactions with the client’s future passengers – all while keeping an eye on the revenue-generating potential of social media channels. 

The approach

RIFF thoroughly understood the client’s requirements, so first closely examined its existing operations and communication channels. The next step was to set up a 24/7 social media operation based in Amsterdam. This digital customer engagement centre would handle our client’s Twitter and Instagram customer service and sales operations, responding to more than 1.2 million customer queries per year. 

RIFF set up a highly efficient command centre to communicate seamlessly with our client’s key decision makers. With a team of digital natives trained and ready to interact on behalf of our client, they began reaching out to customers across all relevant platforms. The tone of voice was calibrated to be consistent, engaging and approachable, ready for dynamic online interactions. 

Wings of succes The solution

RIFF managed a dedicated social media team that handled over two-thirds of our client’s Twitter traffic. Our team of 55 experienced specialists was available 24/7 to (prospective) travellers, handling up to 9,000 questions and comments a week on social media. These efforts did not go unnoticed: our client’s response time on Twitter soon dropped from 42 minutes to an impressive 14 minutes. As a result, our client became one of the most responsive airlines on social media, unlocking the revenue potential of these platforms.

The combination of high quality customer service and fast response times has resulted in a 40% increase in customer satisfaction. In addition, RIFF’s efforts have contributed to a significant increase in revenue generated through social media. This success story demonstrates that, when strategically integrated and skilfully managed, it is possible to deliver customer service that is both exceptional and profitable.

RIFF’s work with our client demonstrates how powerful the combination of customer service and social media can be. By creating and maintaining a strong online presence, our client has not only rejuvenated and strengthened its brand image, but has also made new connections with a new generation of customers. The airline has proven that it is possible to make a successful leap into the digital world and RIFF is proud to have been part of this journey.

  • 40 %
    Increase in customer satisfaction
  • 9.000
    Customer queries handled p/w
  • < 14 min
    response time

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