How a brand with history focuses on the future.


ANWB is best known for providing roadside assistance. And, of course, for its shops, insurance, driving school and Emergency centre. It was 2020 and the brand was strong, though brand perception among younger demographics was a little outdated. At the same time, it was a brand backed by an ambitious organisation. That didn’t just want to look back, but had its eyes set on the future. That wanted to spread the word about everything ANWB had to offer. From electric bikes to ANWB energy. A brand that wanted to reach out To a new generation for whom owning a car is no longer a sacred cow. But how do you get there?


The challenge

How do you regain visibility? Relevance? How do you build reach for your brand? With a new audience? How do you inspire and engage young people? How do you build real connections? How do you create real dialogue and interaction? Important questions for any brand looking to build a bright future.


Enter RIFF!

ANWB asked RIFF to assist them on this complex mission. To help protect and strengthen the brand. To expand its presence. To reach out and manage interaction. With the ANWB members of the future. In the place where they’re most active: online. On all public channels and social media. From Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok.


The approach

First, RIFF listened and listened closely. Taking stock of all ANWB’s needs and wishes. Next, we took a close look at all existing products and services. And to ANWB’s channels and communications. RIFF immediately followed through and joined ANWB on a unique adventure.

RIFF created and set up a fully fledged engagement hub. From scratch. At ANWB headquarters. An effective command center. Fully equipped. With quick and easy links to decision-makers in the organisation. Empowering our own well-trained and experienced digital natives to communicate and interact directly and optimally on behalf of ANWB. On all relevant channels. Consistent. Human and committed. With the right, fully tweaked tone of voice. Ready for online interaction. Responsive and proactive. With a growing, interested group of members, fans and potentials. Prompting an explosive, positive increase in brand interaction and perception from day 1.

Quick and effective communication in practice. Even if the questions are urgent or complex. And structural, comprehensive dialogue and data analysis to provide the customer with concrete advice on imprvements. That’s the added value that sets RIFF apart.

The Solution

We are now two years down the road. And RIFF, with our team of 12 experts, is on top of all channels 7 days a week. From 08:00 in the morning to 22:00 in the evening. That’s how RIFF creates optimal online interaction. We listen, share our expertise and help users move forward. We respond immediately to urgent requests for assistance. We track all social media and respond to news, remarks, comments and other content in no time. We pick up signals and report to ANWB. We collect responses and data that ANWB can use to shake things up internally. Feedback to streamline processes and update and improve products and services. Insights that pave the way for new, successful innovations.

That’s how RIFF is helping to future-proof the brand. By rejuvenating and strengthening its image. While developing and protecting ANWB’s reputation. By seeking and finding connections. By successfully getting and staying in touch with Generation Next. With the members, fans and customers of the future. And ANWB’s reach is growing every day.

  • + 5430
    Incoming signals (average p/m)
  • 2401
    Outgoing responses (average p/m)


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