Turn 'Good Times' into conversations


Besides its iconic Big Mac and Happy Meal, McDonald’s is known for its fast service, wide range of products, and world-famous golden arches. Experiencing ‘Good Times’ is key, and to create these happy moments, they strive for excellence in quality and service at every restaurant. But McDonald’s is about more than just food: with initiatives such as responsible sourcing of ingredients, recycling programmes and local community partnerships, they are committed to making the world a better place. 

The challenge

McDonald’s Netherlands was looking for a partner that could operate all year round, with generous opening hours to match those of the restaurants. Customer service and community management are key operations, with the goal of creating positive conversations with guests and fans. Flexibility and scalability are also a key challenge during campaigns and product launches.

Enter RIFF!

McDonald’s chose RIFF because we were able to meet all their requirements. Thanks to our collaboration with Sprinklr and the valuable knowledge we have gained over the years, McDonald’s considers us to be experts in this field. In addition to handling social media posts, we also started managing emails for McDonald’s in 2022. Our team is trained to handle interactions on both channels and act as McDonald’s eyes and ears, as we are the first to see what is happening on their channels. 

The approach

We are open 365 days a year between 8am and midnight. We excel at customer service with a sense of humour and creativity. As all our staff are part of the target audience, they can easily identify with guests on social media. Our strength lies in our ability to be empathetic and willing to go the extra mile when needed. 

As RIFF, we embrace the essence of McDonald's and strive to enhance and enrich the guest experience with positive conversations and quality customer service.

Digital hospitality The solution

Our service fits in well with McDonald’s ambitions, where the complexity lies in the balance between cheerful and friendly conversations with fans and guests, and serious complaint handling in cases such as food complaints or an accident on a McDonald’s playground. On top of that, McDonald’s is the market leader in the Netherlands and everything they do is scrutinised: from cleaning up litter to expanding the vegetarian menu. And there are always supporters and opponents. We have a responsibility to find the right tone in every situation and end the conversation on a positive note. 

With an average response time of 37 minutes, we are always available at the most important times of the day. Through social media, we send more than 4,100 messages a month and actively monitor what is happening online with fans, guests, and critics. We also play a significant role in McDonald’s contact with various stakeholders. Partly because of the success of our existing collaboration, we also took over the customer service for McDonald’s Belgium in March 2023, where we continue to provide our high-quality support to the Flemish/French-speaking customers. We remain committed to ensuring ‘Good Times’ and excellent service for all guests. 

  • 14.000 +
    Inbound messages (average p/m)
  • 4.000 +
    Replies (average p/m)
  • 96 %
    Answered within 1 hour