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Welcome to the world of Philips, where technology and innovation come together to transform healthcare and consumer electronics. With a history dating back to 1891, Philips is known worldwide for its groundbreaking solutions. The company has built a solid reputation as a trusted, high-quality brand in healthcare, with sustainability and innovation at its core. 

Philips' success story on social media

The challenge

It is a challenge for Philips to maintain its reputation while dealing with the complexity of its subsidiaries, which may produce Philips-branded products but are no longer directly linked to the original company. However, Philips customers still expect a consistent experience. Ensuring that all customers are served in the right way is a challenge for Philips given this complex internal business structure. 

Enter RIFF!

Philips was therefore looking for a partner who could help them deliver a consistent brand experience. At the back end, ensuring the customer is never in the wrong place, regardless of internal processes, because the customer is at the heart of Philips.


In 2014, Philips and RIFF began a partnership to work together on this consistent customer experience. Working with Philips, RIFF set up a digital engagement operation to manage customer expression on key social media sites. By working with small teams, both globally and for local markets, RIFF was able to manage the complexity of Philips and deliver a consistent Philips experience to customers, regardless of channel or demand. 

The impact and success of the collaboration between RIFF and Philips is clear to see. RIFF created a dedicated team for Philips within walking distance of its headquarters, trained to understand the complexities of Philips and how to help Philips customers in the right way: 24 hours a day, in more than 80 different countries every month. In addition, RIFF ensured that every interaction with the brand was perfectly aligned with expectations by focusing on the key needs of Philips consumers. 

We are proud of our collaboration with Philips, where we have tackled the challenge of complexity and created a consistent brand experience. We have transformed Philips' social media operation into a vital component of their customer service. We remain dedicated to supporting Philips in maintaining their reputation as a trustworthy and high-quality brand.

Human contact The result

The success of this project can be measured by the results achieved. 80% of queries are answered within an hour, resulting in more than 10,000 customer responses per month and continuous service even during the holidays.   

Thanks to our collaboration, Philips gained valuable insights and was able to continuously improve its social media operations and strategy. In this way, Philips’ social media service has grown from a fledgling service to a full-grown part of their customer service in just a few years. 

  • 10.000
    Customer responses p/m
  • 80 %
    Answered within 1 hour
  • 24 /7

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