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How challenges take flight and experiences improve.


Schiphol, one of the largest airports in Europe, where millions of travellers arrive and depart every year. Of course, everyone wants to be on time, catch their flight, or get home quickly after landing. How do you guide that massive stream smoothly through your airport? How do you offer each passenger personal clarity? The fastest route? And do you offer personal answers to all questions? And do you create an optimal experience for everyone?



The challenge

Ensure optimal customer care as a busy airport, every day. That is already a huge challenge under normal circumstances but becomes even more complex when the holiday rush begins. Or if a strike is held, the queues increase, and your organization comes under scrutiny. How do you offer tailor-made solutions? As efficiently and effectively as possible?  



Enter RIFF! 

In 2018, Schiphol asked RIFF to help them think creatively, as a specialist in personal and digital customer care. And to constructively help build an integrated and flexible approach, that offers everyone clarity and helps to optimize the flow, at the airport itself and online: under all conceivable circumstances.  



the approach

For a truly optimal experience, the human perspective always comes first: our specialists know this better than anyone. That is why RIFF first maps out exactly which questions and expectations people have, both travellers and onsite staff. And above all, why. What are the problems they face? What works and what doesn’t? What can and should be done better? In the short and longer term? With all the input, analyses, insights and experience, our experts map touchpoints and solutions. The first 100 extra specialists are also trained internally immediately, and channels are redesigned to help Schiphol and all travellers on their way to improvement, as effectively as possible.

While the first solutions are being implemented, RIFF also manages to respond efficiently to unexpected circumstances time and time again, and to scale up where necessary, to assist rushed, stressed and stranded travellers. Sometimes with a ready-made solution on the spot. Sometimes with the right answers online. Sometimes pointing the way to an extra folding bed; for example, if a hostage situation is suspected, or if 5,000 travellers have to spend the night at Schiphol due to a fuel shortage.

Step by step, the airport is being made more customer-friendly, partly thanks to RIFF. With video kiosks, travellers receive a personal answer immediately. Our assistants on the floor assist travellers personally. This is how gates, lost passports, children, and customized solutions are found more smoothly and quickly. RIFF even selects and provides a new voice for the broadcasting service, that informs everyone with the right words, in the right language and with the right tone, and directs everyone through the airport.

Even if the corona virus suddenly spreads again and the queues suddenly increase, RIFF knows how to offer Schiphol the right support. Even through all the uncertainty, RIFF helps to always keep Schiphol accessible. Step-by-step we remove the biggest nuisances and concerns, with extra fast complaint handling, and with a new team that is committed to compensating affected travellers as quickly as possible.


Customer Care is all about organizing the assistance process as efficiently and relevantly as possible, both online and offline. But there are always situations in which a personal request for help deviates from that process. Having an eye for that, coming up with flexible solutions for it, and continuously learning from it: that is the human touch of RIFF.

Digital techniques and human contact The result

We are now more than 4 years on, and Schiphol has 100% confidence in our contact handling. Together we are already busy with new plans and the next steps. In addition to personal and quick responses to questions, we will also offer proactive customer service on the floor more often. Our new Hospitality Team actively addresses and assists travellers who are waiting or trying to find something. They also hand out water bottles when the queues grow, for example. This is how RIFF helps Schiphol and its travellers on their way: through all channels, with an effective combination of digital techniques and human contact. An approach that makes a difference.

  • 4.5
    Customer satisfaction score
    (out of 5)
  • 2000
    Customer contacts per day
  • 5000
    Passengers made their flight thanks to mobile print

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