How better accessibility brings satisfaction closer.


Let’s go back to 2012: the year in which Philips Lighting, now Signify, still produces and supplies lamps just to companies, as it has always done since its inception. Until Philips develops a new revolutionary lamp, a lamp that is even more energy efficient than LED lighting. But above all: a smart lamp that can be controlled remotely, which you can dim and change colour. A lamp that will be named Philips Hue, with which Philips wants to enter the consumer market. But how do you get started selling directly to the consumer? 


The challenge

In practice, this turns out to be quite a challenge. Because how does a company deal with suddenly having a direct relationship with your customers? With all the extra attention that comes with it? To the early adopters; a target group who loves new technology and is usually more active online than regular users? And would really like to share their opinion about the product and talk about your brand? How do you make sure you can be reached on the right channels? Listens to what’s happening on socials and respond? And protect your brand reputation?


Enter RIFF!

When the first buyers start commenting about the lamps online and the company turns out to be difficult to reach for many of those questions and comments, Philips realizes that their switch from B2B to B2C could use some extra experience and expertise. More than the company currently has in house. RIFF is asked to take a good look at what’s happening both internally and online. Then, they can take over the contact and start conversations, using their human perspective. On all channels where customers are active, we are ready to speak to them on behalf of Philips Hue, with the necessary speed and tone of voice. RIFF immediately develops a comprehensive, effective approach, with all its digital expertise.


The approach

RIFF makes the company accessible to customers worldwide. With around 20 experts we are quickly up and running: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On all social media channels, we reply in both Dutch and English. Our well-trained employees understand Philips Hue products like no other. They understand the technology and the value, and customers notice that. We listen, respond and offer support for both simple and complex requests for help. We also monitor and maintain the community; if someone posts something on Instagram or Facebook, then we will respond immediately and enter the conversation. Always personally. Always customized.


We are on top of things every day, yet we continue to learn from each other. We learn from the innovations and possibilities that Signify offers; Signify learns from the dialogues we conduct with customers about those innovations and the feedback that this generates. This is how we push each other forward.

THe result

We are now 6 years on, and the steadily growing community feels understood and heard. On average, 80% of customers receive an answer within an hour. Step by step, we are solving the simple standard questions in smarter ways, so that we can focus more and more on the difficult issues that are left over. Partly thanks to this approach, the Philips Hue lamps are still a huge success, and sales have increased by about 30 to 40 percent in recent years.

We also communicate the knowledge and insights that we get from our conversations back to Signify, so that they can use that feedback to further improve their products and services and continue to optimize and innovate in a targeted manner. From better manuals and explanations on the website to redesigning difficult buttons and developing new app functions and options.