Volvo Cars Netherlands

Safety and service on the road to the future


January 2018 - January 2023

Volvo Cars Netherlands, a renowned car brand with an impressive history of innovation and craftsmanship: a brand known for safety, timeless design and reliable performance on the road. A brand committed to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. With a range of electric models and the ambition to be fully electric by 2030, Volvo Cars Netherlands is contributing to a greener future. 

The challenge

How do you manage social media in the broadest sense for a brand known for safety innovations and high-performance cars? And how do you ensure that your followers and fans get the same brand experience when visiting your social media channels? This was the start of the partnership between RIFF and Volvo Cars Netherlands. 

Enter RIFF!

Volvo Cars Netherlands asked RIFF to help them with this complex challenge. RIFF set about strengthening the brand online by managing the online community and engaging with different target groups. To ensure that the online brand experience was in line with Volvo Cars Netherlands’ core values, the right tone of voice was key: by choosing the right tone of voice, the online and offline brand experiences are seamlessly connected. We also took care of the customer contact for all public channels and social media: A tailor-made solution.

The approach

RIFF put together a flexible and compact team to manage Volvo Cars Netherlands’ social media. Dealing with complaints, answering (technical) questions, organising competitions, monitoring news, and community management were among the daily tasks for our engagement specialists. In this way, we kept Volvo drivers connected to the brand online. In cooperation with Volvo Cars Netherlands Consumer Care, the questions and topics were coordinated daily. 

With our expertise in online community management, we helped Volvo Cars Netherlands to seamlessly align its brand experience online and offline. Together, we are working towards a sustainable future and helping customers move towards greener mobility.

Seamless brand experience The solution

Even without specific technical knowledge, we have always been able to support to the customer in the right way, in line with the brand experience. In addition, we always aim for a fast response time with a focus on high quality. For example, we provide 24/7 support in other teams. 

By using our flexible and compact team of Engagement Specialists, we were able to help Volvo Cars Netherlands with the opening hours and accessibility they wanted for their customers. In addition, RIFF created a customer journey that allowed us to identify where the customer was in the sales process so that we could proactively target them. This resulted in 131 additional test drives and a quality score of over 80%.

RIFF’s excellent webcare department contributes to a positive customer experience, improved brand image, effective crisis management, valuable insights, and the prevention of potential problems. It helps Volvo Cars Netherlands to keep customers on the road and to positively influence the automotive community. 

  • 131
    Extra test drives
  • > 80 %
    Quality score

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