Cyber Monday

As Cyber Monday casts a reflective light on the frenzy of Black Friday and Singles’ Day, it presents an ideal opportunity for customer service teams to look back and plan ahead. After navigating the whirlwind of this extended shopping festival, which now stretches nearly two weeks of non-stop sales, it’s time for a thorough analysis and preparation for the future. 

The Perfect Time for Comprehensive Evaluation and Reporting

In-Depth Evaluation of the Recent Period 

While contact centers catch their breath before the busy Christmas season, it’s crucial to conduct a detailed evaluation of the past period. Key areas of focus include: 

Forecast Accuracy: How precise were our predictions about customer contacts? This involves scrutinizing our assumptions, such as contact ratios per product category and the average time to resolve a contact. Even with higher volumes from increased sales, it’s vital to analyze and refine these parameters for future predictions. 

Customer Satisfaction Surveys: We delve into what customers identify as major pain points. These insights are key to enhancing our service and refining our approach to customer engagement. 

Online Reviews Analysis: Evaluating reviews on our platform and external sites like Google and Trustpilot gives us a fuller picture of customer satisfaction and experience. 

Staffing: Did we manage to have everyone working at scheduled times? If a flexible workforce was utilized, did it function as intended? 

All these data ideally converge in a comprehensive report – a singular overview encapsulating everything discussed over the past period. 

Report Contents: Detailed Insights 

Our report offers an extensive overview of the Black Friday period, focusing on: 

Customer Contacts: A detailed breakdown of contacts across various channels. 

Service Level: Analysis of our response times and customer waiting periods. 

Top Questions and Products: Insights into which products generated the most queries and how these were addressed. 

Logistical Questions: A specific analysis of delivery-related queries and how they compare to previous years. 

Marketplaces: Research into the nature and volume of marketplace-related queries and issues, increasingly significant for many businesses. 

Yearly Comparison: A detailed comparison with the previous year to understand growth and changes in customer behavior and service queries. 

The Importance of Comprehensive Reporting 

In today’s world of real-time online dashboards, compiling all these insights into one report is crucial. This report serves not just as a data collection but as a narrative that tells the story of the customer service department. 

An Information Hub: As a focal point where information and customer interactions converge, the report showcases the impact and value of customer service within the organization. It highlights how the department contributes to overall success and offers strategic insights valuable for the entire organization. 

Accessibility and Readability: A well-designed report, possibly enriched with infographics and key figures, makes complex data accessible and understandable, especially for executives and managers seeking a quick yet in-depth analysis. 

Investing in Reporting: Compiling such a report requires time and resources, but the investment is essential. It enables customer service to effectively tell its story and be seen as a strategic partner within the organization. 

Tell Your Story 

It’s critical for customer service teams to take the time to tell their story. A robust report that underscores both the complexity and importance of customer service is a powerful tool in conveying this message. By investing in such a report, we not only position customer service as a reactive unit but as a strategic pillar providing essential insights for the success of the entire organization. 


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