Teamwork: From The Pitch to The Office

With UEFA EURO 2024 the hot topic of coffee-machine catch-ups, it’s the perfect time to draw parallels between the teamwork seen on the football pitch and that within our customer support teams. Read on for some tips to help your customer support team score big, inspired by the strategies of top football teams.



Teamwork makes the dream work

Setting up a new customer support team? Or just want to streamline one that’s already up and running? Here are a few things to consider to get the most out of your team. You don’t have to be a champion coach to put these tips into practice.


  1. Build a Diverse Team of Stars

Specialized Roles: Just as each football player has a specific position, consider the possibility of assigning roles in your customer support team based on individual strengths and skills. Perhaps implement a simplified approach by building in roles like ‘senior agents’, who help support the team.

Team Size: Whether it’s a small team of 2-10 or a larger squad of over 100, ensure everyone understands their responsibilities and contributes to the common goal.


  1. Cultivate Key Qualities

Empathy: Teach agents to understand and share the feelings of customers, putting themselves in their shoes will help them find an agreeable solution, much like anticipating an opponents’ moves can lead to a winning score.

Flexibility: Encourage agents to be adaptable, whether to varying shift patterns or using different tooling and platforms, similar to how footballers may need to adjust their strategies mid-match.

Responsibility: Empower agents to take initiative and tackle issues directly, the best players can address challenges head-on and don’t wait for someone to tell them what to do.


  1. Overcome Challenges with Teamwork

Leverage Peer Support: Challenging cases or complex queries are best handled through teamwork. Encourage agents to seek help and advice from their peers when they’re stuck, just as footballers pass the ball to each other to create scoring opportunities.

Implement Strategic Procedures: Develop in-depth escalation procedures to manage all manner of problems, strategic planning for any eventuality on a pitch is a trademark of successful football teams.


  1. Ensure Consistent Training and Communication

Unified Knowledge Base: Provide extensive training to ensure all agents have the same information and understanding, maintaining consistency in customer interactions.

Regular Feedback: Embrace a culture where agents regularly communicate and provide feedback to each other, just how football players coordinate on the field.


  1. Foster a Supportive Environment

Mentorship Programs: Pair experienced agents with newer members to build confidence and skill, just as seasoned players mentor rookies. This is a great way to start off new employees, but can also be a learning experience for agents who need a gentle nudge to up their game.

Encourage Collaboration: Promote a collaborative environment where agents feel comfortable asking for feedback and assistance.


  1. Share Passion and Enthusiasm

Embrace Common Interests: Use events like the UEFA EURO 2024 to create a lively workplace culture. Many of our employees are avid sports fans, and we have worked with clients in the sporting field, making the connection between football and our work even more significant.
How about letting your agents wear their home country’s shirt on days they are playing, or run an office sweepstake for the winner of the championship trophy.


By applying these tips, you can create a customer support team that operates with the precision, coordination, and passion of a top football team. Just as in football, the collective efforts of a dedicated team lead to victory, whether on the pitch or in providing exceptional customer service.

Now we’re going to go put on our orange shirts and cheer the Netherlands through to the end.

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