Live from Aviation Festival Asia: RIFF Presents "First-Class Service: Be Digital, Stay Human"

Our team is currently participating in the Aviation Festival Asia in Singapore, an annual festival that aviation professionals from across the globe flock to, and get the latest insights for their field of work. Charlene de Feyter, the Service Delivery Manager at RIFF for the Royal Schiphol Group in Amsterdam, is presenting about our partnership, and how to deliver scalable, personal service that fits every passenger in her presentation “First-Class Service: Be Digital, Stay Human.” This blog post captures key highlights of her presentation, highlighting RIFF’s innovative approach to customer service in the aviation industry.

Be Digital, Stay Human

Aviation Festival Asia 2024

Addressing the digital age’s passenger experience

An essential part of our story is the harmony between cutting-edge technology and the invaluable human element in the current digital environment. The importance of meeting different passenger needs, especially for an older population and those who are less confident with digital options is crucial. Our message is simple: while adopting technology, the human factor must remain key in passenger service.


Innovating for enhanced satisfaction

The case of Schiphol Airport, working with RIFF, shows this mix of human touch and innovation. It is transforming how passengers can get service. As the number of passengers increases, the usual staffed information desks do not offer a scalable solution. That is why Schiphol used an innovative, future-proof, but personal solution. We have created a solution where frequent questions are managed by technology, saving resources for more customized help.


Self-Service Units: A fusion of tech and human touch

The Self-Service Units (SSU) at Schiphol Airport are a combination of technology and personal help. These kiosks, which use technology and human help together, are good examples of our “Be Digital, Stay Human” philosophy. By answering common questions in different languages, the SSU make the information flow faster while keeping the choice for personal help through built-in video calls for passengers who want to talk to a real person.


Human interaction in a digitized environment

The integration of video calls into the SSU is key in Schiphol’s digital transition. This feature ensures that, while passengers enjoy the benefits of digital solutions, they can still access personalized assistance when needed, reinforcing the human element in the digital customer service journey.


Looking ahead: Commitment to innovation and personalization

Soon, the SSU will get new features that will allow to move the video calls on passengers’ mobile devices, making the passenger experience at Schiphol Airport more personalized and comfortable offering the personal service not only anytime but also anywhere passengers want it.


An integral approach to customer service

RIFF’s unique combination of off-site and on-site services, which features a dedicated team at the airport, is what makes our customer service approach different. The SSU are part of an integral approach that links all contact channels with central coordination. A key element of this setup is that data from all touchpoints is merged, giving Schiphol the chance to use actionable insights to make decisions to enhance their passenger experience.


Mobile Personal Assistance: The human-digital bridge

Another crucial factor in success are the Mobile Personal Assistants (MPAs), who offer real-time, multilingual assistance at the airport. The added value of these professionals lies in providing compassionate, human-focused support along with the increasing offerings of digital tools. These MPA’s can be sent to the SSU by the video call agents, or anywhere else where live assistance is required at the airport and can be deployed by our call centre.


Conclusion: Embracing a balanced path of innovation

The key take-away of Charlene’s story, and our vision, is using digital innovations while keeping the vital human connection in customer service. This approach is more than solving problems; it is about relating to and knowing the passenger journey, making sure every contact, whether digital or human, improves their overall experience.


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