Schiphol chooses RIFF

as new partner for customer contact.

At the end of this year, Schiphol’s contract with their current supplier, which has provided customer contact for Schiphol since 2011, will expire. A new party has been selected through a European tender. The decider for RIFF’s win was our ironclad concept in which the focus of customer contact shifts from traditional channels – mail and telephone – to digital channels.



“The way our customers search for information is changing,” says Roel Hellemons, acting director of Airport Operations at Schiphol. “In our tender, we were looking for an expert in customer contact who would take us along in the developments and come up with valuable solutions for our customers. Ten years ago, you still simply called Schiphol and asking a question via Twitter wasn’t an option. Now it’s the other way around and you also have WhatsApp, chatbots, Facebook, Instagram, you name it. In RIFF’s concept, all innovative digital channels play a role, and we can effortlessly move along with the trends, so that in the future we can also help our customers at any time, via their favourite channel.”



RIFF – formerly operating as The Webcare Company – has made a name for itself with KLM’s webcare, which is still known as one of the best in the world. In addition, the company works for major clients such as McDonald’s, Philips, and stroller brand Quinny. RIFF is not a traditional call centre party, but a developer of digital solutions to use for customer contact. RIFF’s vision is ‘be digital, stay human’. Digital solutions, approached from a human perspective.



“In our concept, the call centre and the handling of mail traffic still play a role,” says Tobias Walraven, CEO of RIFF. “But the primary focus is going to shift to social media, simply because people are choosing that channel more and more. A clear trend, for example, is that young people no longer call, they text. In addition, we aim for as much self-support as possible, so that customers only come to our channels when they have complex questions. That concept stands or falls with excellent digital information provision. Schiphol has placed their confidence in us to make that digital transition and we are happy to begin this partnership.”
Next week RIFF will start with the implementation and transfer. RIFF will start providing services on 15 December.

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