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Your customers want to engage with you at a time that works for them and on the channel that they prefer. Traditional phone and email channels are facing increasing competition from live chat and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and Snapchat. This makes keeping in touch with your customers increasingly complex. RIFF has the experience to deal with this. Not just technically, but also in terms of communication.

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Answering a question on the phone requires different skills than responding to a trending Twitter message, and that requires different skills than helping passengers on the spot in a busy airport.

In the past customers would contact your organization directly, now they may not always express their opinions directly to you, but often to anyone who will listen. Thanks to that, customer care has become more complex. At RIFF, we relish these challenges.

Through a sophisticated recruitment process, RIFF can attract highly educated young people who understand how communication is done today, and who can move quickly from one channel to another. They can empathise with your customers’ emotions. They understand that a post on Instagram can have major consequences for the reputation of your brand or product and so do not react hastily, but also look after your interests.

At RIFF, we believe that customer care is not just about taking care of your customers, but about taking care of your business as well. To make this happen, we discuss social media indicators directly with you to determine an effective communication strategy together. We can then immediately roll out that strategy across your other channels. Customer care as it should be!

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