Project Management

When we start working with you, we immediately assemble a project team with the knowledge and experience to turn your requirements into a flawless operation. Optimal liaison with your organisation and smooth communication within RIFF guarantee you that we keep our commitments. Always.

Turning agreements into actions HOW CAN WE HELP

If we decide to work together on your digital client strategy, the first thing we do is introduce you to a client manager. From then on, this person will be the link between our organizations. They maintain contact with you and communicate your needs to the rest of the project team. Within RIFF, they will work closely with the Operations Manager, who will ensure that all agreements made with you are implemented. They will ensure the right engagement specialists are in place, liaise with IT on any additional tools required and discuss with Workforce Management when and what capacity should be used on which channels.



The Client Manager will ask Quality Management to contact your product specialists and/or trainers. Together they will determine the content of the training our people will receive. We will make agreements on how we will ensure and monitor the quality of our customer contacts. The ISO-9001 focus of these people ensures that we are constantly improving our service to your customers. Through this ongoing process, we both learn how to optimize processes so that we can give your customers what they expect: a tailor-made experience!

Of course, we will regularly sit down with the whole team and you to discuss progress and results. We’ll see what else we can do together, or differently, to strengthen your customer loyalty.

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