Reporting & Insights

A digital (customer) strategy covers many channels. To track the results of this omnichannel strategy, a sophisticated reporting methodology is key. Our BI specialists create tailor-made reports for you so that you always have an insight into the results.

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We understand better than anyone that you want to know the results of your customer strategy. That is why we have a wide range of ‘standard’ reports available to you. Well, standard…. Of course, these reports are structured to ultimately show you the data that is relevant to you.

In addition to these ‘standard’ reports, we can also provide very specific dashboards that can give you insight into, for example, the sentiment towards your organisation on social media. This allows you to take timely action to prevent (further) reputational damage.



Or do you always get the same type of questions about a particular product or service? A root cause analysis will help you identify the cause so you can take targeted action.

Together we can determine which results are most important to you, and we present these clearly in an online dashboard that is updated daily. This gives you access to the results of your efforts anytime, anywhere. This dashboard also shows you whether we have achieved the agreed KPIs, and where we may need to make adjustments. Together we can distil a set of Boardroom KPIs from the dashboard that you can use to inform other stakeholders in your organisation.

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