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RIFF has years of experience in developing customer contact strategies and designing new customer contact concepts. The goal? Customers who come, stay and never want to leave. And the method? The ultimate customer experience! Together with our clients, we determine which approach best fits their digital strategy.

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RIFF is a service provider. But we are much more. Our creative and curious agents want to:

  • Work with you to explore the best options for you.
  • Collaborate on a concept that works.
  • Work with you to determine how to make your brand and product as strong as possible.
  • Work together to grow your fan base.
  • Build a relationship with you.

In short, building a partnership based on a common goal: improving your business results.

RIFF knows better than anyone that customers are fickle. Our creative people are constantly developing new ways to engage and captivate customers. Extensive analysis of the customer journey is translated into memorable concepts that ensure customers have the best possible experience at every touch point. Whether it is buying a cheese slicer online, an in-depth chat about the possibilities of a new camera, or a reassuring phone call when a suitcase is lost. All digital channels are used where they work best, based on customer preferences.

And if these preferences change? Then we change with them by adapting our strategy. By being close to the customer, we know exactly what is going on and can respond immediately.

Your customers feel part of a community with a clear preference for your brand and products. We reinforce this feeling through sophisticated communication when customers expect it, but also at surprising, unexpected moments, further increasing the emotional connection to your brand and products.

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