Optimal customer contact, meeting all the current expectations: an ever-greater challenge in a rapidly changing world. A world full of noise, in which technological possibilities, digital channels, networks and touch points are expanding. But there’s also a growing sense of distance, inaccessibility and misunderstanding.

How can you, as an organization, make a difference today? Deliver personal satisfaction to citizens and consumers? Deliver the best experience? Increase loyalty? Locally and internationally? Preferably in their own language? Especially when competition is fierce and circumstances are uncertain and unpredictable. Who can your organization turn to when the challenges are urgent and the risks are high? And when every contact counts?

Pleased to meet you, we are RIFF. We’re not your standard customer care centre, no standard helpdesk, but the special forces for complex customer care. We are driven specialists for thoughtful, creative and practical solutions for every challenging situation.

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Unlocking Excellence

18 Jul
You’ve heard the saying “quality over quantity”, but how do you put that into practice in the business world, where many KPIs are numbers-based? Let’s look at how we ensure our teams are consistently excellent.
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Teamwork: From the pitch to the office

02 Jul
With UEFA EURO 2024 the hot topic of coffee-machine catch-ups, it's the perfect time to draw parallels between the teamwork seen on the football pitch and that within our customer support teams. Read on for some tips to help your customer support team score big, inspired by the strategies of top football teams.
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Long days, longer hours

19 Jun
Are your support channels available when your customers want them to be? We have 5 factors you should consider when deciding when your support team will be available.  
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Father’s day and customer service

13 Jun
As we prepare to celebrate the father figures in our lives this weekend, let’s see what tips we can take from parenthood, to help us up our customer service game. 
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World Environment Day

06 Jun
With the environment becoming an increasingly pressing issue, companies have no choice but to adjust their practices to become greener. How do we at RIFF achieve our sustainability goals?
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Customer Service Maintenance

23 May
that needs putting together; there’s always something that can be done to keep everything running smoothly and looking great. Did you know that much like a home, your customer service could also benefit from some repairs? Read on to see what we mean.
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World Telecommunication and Information Society Day

14 May
May 17th marks an important day in the world of technology and communication – World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. The day celebrates the constant evolution and advancement of telecommunication and information technologies, highlighting their crucial role in advancing socio-economic development worldwide.
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Mother’s Day

07 May
It’s a day to spend with loved ones, and to give the wonderful mums in our lives some special attention; but did you know that it’s also a significant day for retail businesses? Read on to find out why, as well as our 5 tips to prepare your customer service in the run-up to Mother’s Day. 
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From Twitter to X – A Transformation in Customer Communication

18 Mar
When Twitter was launched in 2006, no one could have predicted its rise as one of the most influential communication tools of our time. Founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, it marked the beginning of a new digital communication era. Now, 18 years after the first tweet, it's a great time to reflect on Twitter's impact and its transformation into X.
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Spring awakens: A season of renewed dynamics in customer service

12 Mar
As spring shows its first rays of sunshine, with it comes a gentle, yet decisive shift. Following a sunny weekend, the fresh temperature is still present enough to stop us from soaking in the warmth of our gardens and terraces, yet spring has definitely sprung. The morning song of birds and the cheerful hues of blooming crocuses colour our days with fresh joy and vibrancy. 
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5 years of MPA at Schiphol: Bridging digital service and human touch

05 Mar
Today, we're celebrating the fifth anniversary of our Mobile Personal Assistant (MPA) service at Schiphol Airport. This milestone shows the unique blend of technology and human empathy in customer service.
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Live from Aviation Festival Asia: RIFF Presents “First-Class Service: Be Digital, Stay Human”

27 Feb
From the Aviation Festival Asia, the latest insights on how we provide scalable, personal service for every passenger.
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The Importance of Social Media Monitoring

14 Feb
The Super Bowl isn't just a sporting event; it's a major marketing battleground. Brands like Verizon, Paramount+, and Budweiser showcased during Super Bowl 2024 how creative, timely ads can capture attention and dominate online conversations.
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How Contact Centres Can Embrace GDPR

29 Jan
At the heart of our digital society lies the essential value of privacy, especially in contact centres where a flow of personal data is processed daily. Today, on Privacy Day, we focus on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a crucial legislation born from the growing need to protect individual privacy rights in an increasingly connected world.
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Community Manager Appreciation Day

22 Jan
Today marks Community Manager Appreciation Day, a perfect opportunity to reflect on the significant role of community managers in the digital era. This is an era where continuous connection between companies and their customers is vital, with the community manager playing a key role in facilitating successful online interactions. 
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Blue Monday Transformation: From Winter Blues to Engagement Excellence

15 Jan
Blue Monday, once dubbed the gloomiest day of the year, has evolved into a global contest for content managers, particularly for brands boasting blue logos. This ironic twist has transformed a day synonymous with winter blues into a showcase of social media creativity, demonstrating how quickly the meaning of a day can change in our dynamic digital world. 
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Holiday Thoughts: Customer Service Trends for 2024

13 Dec
At the office, it might not feel like it yet, but Christmas is fast approaching. Days of wearing ugly sweaters, festive gatherings, and end-of-year meetings are likely already marked on your calendars, sneaking up faster than you realize. And don't forget about planning that Christmas dinner.
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Purple Friday: Celebrating the Diversity of Our Employees and Customers

04 Dec
This Friday marks Purple Friday, a day dedicated to the celebration of sexual diversity. Initially launched in the United States in 2010, it has quickly evolved into an international movement. Students across the globe wear purple clothes to show allyship with the LGBTQIA+ youth, as purple in the rainbow flag symbolizes 'spirit.' This initiative sends a strong message of solidarity and acceptance.  
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Cyber Monday: The Perfect Time for Comprehensive Evaluation and Reporting

27 Nov
As Cyber Monday casts a reflective light on the frenzy of Black Friday and Singles' Day, it presents an ideal opportunity for customer service teams to look back and plan ahead. After navigating the whirlwind of this extended shopping festival, which now stretches nearly two weeks of non-stop sales, it's time for a thorough analysis and preparation for the future. 
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Scoring with Customers: RIFF’s Strategy from Customer Satisfaction to Long-Term Championship

20 Nov
At RIFF, we distinguish between 'putting the customer at the center' and 'focusing on customer satisfaction'. This approach is pivotal in our outlook on customer service and relationships. Similar to the sports world...
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Black Friday: comprehensive preparation for outstanding customer service

14 Nov
Black Friday is more than a shopping day; it's a marathon of challenges for customer service teams. This article dives deep into the essentials of effective preparation, covering everything from product knowledge to departmental integration.
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Singles Day: unpacking customer service insights from the world’s largest shopping event

07 Nov
Once a quirky antidote to Valentine's Day, Singles Day on November 11th has blossomed into the largest shopping event on the planet. Originating as a celebration for the unattached, it has morphed into a global juggernaut that underscores the potency of recognizing overlooked customer segments. 
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From script to human: The customer service revolution

31 Oct
The switch to wintertime not only means an extra hour's sleep (or for night-shift workers, an extra hour's work), but also a period of reflection. For example, many people rethink the status of their energy contracts, a process that inevitably leads to contact with a customer service centre...
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Busy Holidays: Keeping your customer service flexibel and sharp

23 Oct
Holidays are a time when many of us try to get away from it all. But for companies in the holiday industry, such as Schiphol Airport and other travel companies, it means a flurry of activity. Customer service teams can be overwhelmed by an avalanche of questions and problems. As a business, how do you stay calm, keep your customers happy, and your team in good spirits? 
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100 Years of Disney: Lessons in Customer Service from the Masters of Magic

16 Oct
Today marks the 100th anniversary of Disney, a company that has inspired generations worldwide to keep dreaming. But Disney is not just an entertainment powerhouse; it serves as an invaluable model for the entire customer service industry. 
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